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  Thermal Insulation
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The term thermal used as an adjective means involving heat, and the physics relating to, affected by, or producing heat. With the increasing use of thermal energy, research and development in the subject of thermal insulation has held much importance from several years. Homes and work locations and environments around the world have been functioning with the results of these studies in the form of products.

Electricity and the use of electricals have pervaded every area of human life and existence, and areas of other forms of life. Electrical thermal insulators are a special branch of the much studied subject of thermal insulation. Electrical insulation design and construction technologies and end products are being increasingly designed and constructed to suit environments and environmental concerns.

Thermal insulation materials across various spheres of life differ. The use of chopped strand fiberglass papers for electrical and thermal insulation systems are not common occurrences. Before the manufacture of glass papers, the materials used are closely examined, paper characteristics are considered, quality and characteristics are weighed, the treatment of paper during manufacture for applications are considered, and only then are the end products designed and constructed to serve as electrical thermal insulators. Much like the increasing study and use of papers as insulation, mullite-silica material-base fiber thermal insulation for electric vacuum furnaces and other applications are under study and development. Similarly, the study of the dependence of electro physical properties of thermal insulation on loading takes place.

Thermal insulation concerning walls and other surfaces with electrical fittings are continuously under observation to protect life and property. For example, residential walls fitted with electrical outlets and switch boxes when retrofitted with foamed-in urea formaldehyde or blown-in cellulose thermal insulations, the insulation may enter electrified zones. The effects of these on the durability of electrical components were studied at various humidity levels with varying test periods. The developed laboratory tests, and the methods in use, determine the electrical and the corrosive effects in the insulation in electrical outlets and switch boxes.

In an age where temperature control technology adjusts for extreme work zones, and related technologies are being reached to end users as salient features of end products, with this section of this electricals business to business directory, NSIL makes a foray into the world of electronic gadgetry.