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There continue to be reports of rare sightings of chameleons changing colors. This kind of sophistication has come about to be designed and constructed into electrical technology. Insulators are some such kinds of materials or objects that have come a long way from just being immediate needs in the use of electricity to the 'that's expected of electrical insulators', kind of attitude. Design and construction technologies and the products are being increasingly designed and constructed to suit environments and environmental concerns.

Insulation first saw the use of glass with the use of glass insulated telegraph lines in the eighteen fifties. Further development saw telephone lines, electric power lines, etc., adopt glass for insulation purposes. Since then silicon dixode or teflon has reached advanced stages in uses and development. Polymers, which behave like rubber and plastics in advanced stages of development, form much of the materials used to insulate electrical wiring and cables.

The construction and the design of electrical insulators define the resistance of the flow of electric current. Little current flows when a voltage is placed across these materials or objects commonly known as insulators. Objects designed and constructed for the support of, or to separate electrical conductors, without the passage of current are known as insulators. Atoms with tightly bonded valence electrons resistant to the flow of electrical current make up these.

Sheets, tubes, etc., of electrical insulating materials including fish paper, VHR-115, E-FR, mylar and CE, LE, G10/FR4 phenolics, etc., are available widely with high precision die cutting and fabrication for different insulation application end products, and respective packaging requirements.

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