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The term safety switches in this section of Netlink Solutions India Limited's Business to Business Directory deals with electrical safety switches. The term electrical has been explained by the Encarta Dictionary in English (North America) to mean same as electric, involving application of electricity, relating to electric functioning, and caused by electricity. Safety switches in the present may be described as electrical engineering marvels when seen with a discerning eye. The electricals industry continues to produce geniuses termed as electrical engineers to service lifestyles of the multitudes in this age of the consumerist. Here, in this section, NSIL makes an attempt to deal with the problem of bridging the great information divide.

The term switch refers to devices used to interrupt or change the flow or course of electrons in a circuit either completely on or open, or completely off or closed. Electromechanical electrical devices used to control continuity between two points may also be referred to the term switch.

Switchboard mounted safety switches, power point mounted safety switches, and portable safety switches are the three types of electrical safety switches designed, manufactured, and marketed widely for uses that vary from needs of regions to needs of locations, and the needs of immediate environments of human spheres of life where lifestyles both at work and at home differ.

Specialist safety technology engineering, and specialist safety technology in machinery and systems engineering has decades of experience in the development of safety switches, and a seemingly unending lineup of safety products ranging from safety toggle switches, switches resistant to chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, diluted acids, bases, and cutting oils, to relay safety monitors, safety control modules, and much more.