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The noun connections describes associates meaning acquaintances, links, friends, and contacts. This chapter of Business to Business Electricals Directory reaches out to explore, seek, and introduce concerned associates, recognized legal bodies constituted to function in individual capacities and as groups with specialized functional information classified as small businesses, business, Indian exporters, exporters, products and suppliers, Indian products, and Indian suppliers, both governmental and non-governmental.

The term associates introduces members of organizations such as clubs, law firms, and other bodies with rights and privileges, holders of degrees and associate degrees, alliances and allied bodies, functional professionals and organizations. Netlink Solutions' compilation of information and resources brings forth information with regards to organizations instituted for objectives related with electricals.

This part familiarizes establishments and institutions, brought together with purposes related to and defined by the subject of electricals. Here, expect talked about news, ventures, mentions, formal presentations, and introductions brought together with the objectives of industry, trade, business, commerce, finance, and environment.

Metropolitan and cosmopolitan confederations and partnerships have been discussed here for informational purposes. Investments, security, managements, and services concerned with electicity and electricals find mention here. Research, staffing, sourcing, and outsourcing methodological organizations with information professionals form this part of the compilation. Sorted for library reference ease, this 'associations' chapter seeks to provide in depth and in summary.

This electricals associations chapter highlights business to business relevant information with the focus on electricals. Find associations here discussed as a group of persons associated for a common purpose, an organization, a society, and a connection to or an affiliation.