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The noun electricity in the English Encarta Dictionary means energy created by moving charged particles, physics a fundamental form of kinetic or potential energy created by the free or controlled movement of charged particles such as electrons, positrons, and ions. The Encarta Dictionary also describes electricity as electric current, especially when used as a source of power. The adjective electrical means the same as electric, involving application of electricity, relating to electric functioning, involving or concerned with electric cables or circuits, or parts powered by electricity.

Electrical engineering according to the Encarta Dictionary in English (North American) means engineering involving technical application of electricity, the branch of engineering that studies the practical applications of electricity in science and technology.

With the development of the term electricity into every sphere, zone, area, and facet of evolving human life and property, electrical engineering involves the study of electricity in fields termed as power, control, electronics, microelectronics, signal processing, telecommunications, instrumentation engineering, and computers.

The studies in electrical engineering have reached out and embraced terms such as the term electromechanics, or the disciplines dealing with electrical and mechanical systems in terms of convergence, or electromechanical systems, which include automated manufacturing systems, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, aircraft subsystems, and automobile subsystems. The term biomedical engineering refers to the medical equipment discipline of design and technology of equipment that include ventilators, MRI scanners, and electrocardiograph monitors, mobile cochlear implants, mobile artificial pacemakers, and mobile artificial hearts.

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The economics and commerce of electrical engineering can be summarized as reaching out to, and as far into the fields of insurance with a mention of insurance companies work relating to the development of risk assessment tools with the integration of engineering knowledge. With this Business to Business Directory on Electricals, NSIL makes an effort to reach out and inform with the related information sought.

This section electricals engineering, deals with the engineering aspects of power, engineering & design, generation of electricity, transmission of electricity, distribution of electricity, transformers, electric generators, electric motors, power electronics, control, electronics, microelectronics, signal processing, telecommunications, instrumentation engineering, computers, etc., in relation with trade, business, and commerce.

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